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NIPPON has made a name for itself for specialty in supplying all types of  equipments for all kinds of industries with more than 6 years’ experience in this field. This company has been registered on date 17.09.2010. Designing, supply and construction of different production and industrial factories including steel making and steel casting factories, mine industries, all kinds of oil refinery factories; oil pump and desalting stations, different kinds of petrochemical factories, all kinds of oil drilling stations along with drilling rigs, all types of wind and water power plants, fossil fuel and all kinds of materials and personnel handling equipment such as: different kinds of industrial cranes including single girder crane, double girder crane, gantry cranes and all kinds of monorail hoist and industrial winches for normal environments and also environments filled with explosive and sparking materials or hazardous areas (based on ATEX STANDARD), all kinds of personnel and material handling elevators with traction and Rack and Pinion technology and all kinds of special transfer cars according to customers requirement and factories and also supply of spare parts including: different types of motors, gearboxes, wire ropes, hook blocks, wheel blocks, all kinds of shafts, Cardan shaft, rollic, drums with related bearings, all kinds of brake assembly, lubricating system, trolleys with its related equipment’s (rotary and straight trolley, all kinds of overhead cranes with top running and under running mechanism, all kinds of lifting beams together with related mechanism and drive equipment. NIPPON Company markets a wide variety of products and technologies through the companies located across the United States. NIPPON distributes the products of some Companies such as DE JONG, R&M and MUNCK CRANE across steel, petrochemical, oil and gas companies in the UNITED STATES. NIPPON Company also started to distribute the European supplied products not only in USA market but also in Middle East countries too.


  • to provide the best service for our clients.
    • to build up trust and reliability.
      • to stand firm on quality.
        • to embrace change and provide results.