Mining industry


Conveyor belts are generally used in the bulk holding industries. They are generally designed to make work easier for man. One of the human activities that involve the handling of bulky materials is the mining industry. Conveyor belts in mining have different roles and are used in different ways. Conveyor belts of extremely varied types have proved their suitability for use in all forms of moving goods and materials.  Careful selection of suitable materials and fittings ensure a long service life and economic operation of the conveyor belt involved.  We can recommend the suitable form of conveyor belt for each individual application in the handling of granulated and bulk materials whether in mining, in chemical or plastic industries, for loading and unloading vehicles, or to move earth and rock.

Depending on the requirements and intended application, we can provide conveyor belts with fabric or steel cord inserts in a great variety of grades, degrees of finishing and surface properties.