oil and gas industry

As the cranes need to operate in a highly inflammable environment such as in petroleum plants, offshore oil rigs, refineries, paint factories, chemical plants and explosives factories, the primary requirement is their ability to operate safely without being a source for any hazard.




Types of crane used in oil and gas sites are required to be high safety even in the high ignition risk areas. The different types of cranes play an importan role in the gas and oil industry. explosion proof crane is different because it adopts explosion-proof measures in motors, electrical parts and metal contact surface in order to ensure safety. Nippon supply ALL TYPES OF INDUSTRIAL CRANES: BRIDGE CRANES, GANTRY CRANE PILLAR AND WALL JIB CRANE, WITH CAPACITIES FROM 1 TO 320 TONS. SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF INDUSTRIES. Explosion-proof cranes

Explosion-proof crane systems are used in environments where flammable gases or dusts occur frequently. Potentially explosive environments are found for example in paint shops, refineries, and in the production of biogas or biodiesel. Our crane systems  and crane components are available with protection means with load capacities of up to 250 tons

Single girder exploision proof crane:

The explosion proof crane is a small single girder overhead crane with light lifting capacity, installed with anti-explosion electric hoist, with all the motors and electrical equipment of the explosion proof crane manufactured in line with international standards and regulations. The lifting capacity of the explosion proof single girder overhead crane is 1 to 20 tons:

Explosion proof cranes are dedicated overhead crane for coal mines or factories that need lifting kits with explosion-proof specifications.


Single Girder Overhead Cranes are designed and customized with a load capacity ranging from 3.2 ton to 16 ton. Such cranes are a good solution to resolve our customers' special lifting needs as they provide light dead weight and light wheel pressure.

As a basic requirement, hook height is available from 6m to 80m. Through this detailed specification Single-Girder Overhead Cranes are used in Construction, Precast, Power Plants, Oil & Gas, Shipyards and Marine industries.

Furthermore, numerous additional options such as Energy Chain, Load Display Indicator and Joystick Wireless Remote Control will definitely be helpful in increasing the productivity and ensuring the safety in a day-to-day use.


  • Electronic Control and Recording Status of the Hoist and Crane
  • Anti-Collision Sensor
  • Anti-Sway System
  • Load Display Indicator
  • Twin Hoists on Same Crane
  • Joystick Wireless Remote Control
  • Energy Chain

Double  girder exploision proof crane:

Jib Cranes: