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NIPPON is the leading industrial lift cabin supplier. NIPPON products guarantee high quality with high durability. We supply industrial lift cabin in accordance to our customer’s requirements and. Apart from high speed and functionality, our industrial lift cabin products are available in economic prices. Nippon Company provides broad product portfolio of both rack-and-pinion and traction elevators to the offshore industry.

rack-and-pinion Elevator:  we provide The Rack and Pinion elevators which has unique characteristics suitable for oil industry.


 Nippon provides permanent and temporary rack-and-pinion elevators and hoists utilized for various vertical transportation applications. The equipment is designed and constructed to withstand the harsh environments of the oil and gas industry.

Production Platform

Jack Up Rig

Semi-Submersible Rig

Tension Leg Platform


LNG Tanks

LNG Processing Plants


New Construction


Rack-and-pinion elevators are an ideal choice for construction and industrial applications. provides rack-and-pinion elevators and hoists that are self-contained and install directly to an existing or emerging structure, making them ideal for commercial and industrial sites of all types including new construction, restorations, building additions, renovations and maintenance. We specialize in vertical access equipment designed for outdoor use in harsh environmental conditions - including hazardous-area elevators and hoists suitable for NEC and IEC explosive-dust environments.

Features & Options:

Automatic Landing Calls

Overspeed Safety Device

Fully Assembled Elevator Cab

Automatic Rack Lubrication

Smooth Starting & Stopping

Corrosion Resistance

Self-Rescue System

Designed for Outdoor Use

Elevator Safety Features

Hot Dip Galvanized Materials

Explosion-Proof Options

Optional Fire Service Operation

Mast & Wall Tie Configurations

Landing Door Configuration




Derrick elevators:

Derrick elevator is often installed on the outside of the derrick structure and has between 3–4 landings and a lifting height ranging between 55 meters to 60 meters. The elevator gives access for inspection and maintenance of the drilling equipment and is a vital component to ensure safe and convenient access.

Made of extruded anodized saltwater-proof aluminum and hot dipped galvanized steel the SE-Ex elevator car maximizes operator comfort without compromising operating reliability. It also gives the elevator the ability to handle the toughest working environments. Stainless steel cars are also available for extremely aggressive environments. The galvanized mast tower gives a slim installation profile next to the derrick.