Port and shipping industry

We offer a complete shipyard heavy lifting devices for whole block transportation during major ship and submarine building projects, including load-out, marine engineering, barging, transportation and lifting services.

Rack & Pinion elevator:

Nippon provides permanent and temporary construction and access elevators for ports and shipyards elevators and hoists utilized for various vertical transportation applications on ships port cranes and dry docks.

  • Drydock Access
  • Port Cranes
  • Ship Access
  • Ship Renovation

Rack-and-pinion elevators are an ideal choice for construction and industrial applications. We provides rack-and-pinion elevators and hoists that are self-contained and install directly to an existing or emerging structure, making them ideal for commercial and industrial sites of all types including new construction, restorations, building additions, renovations and maintenance. We specialize in vertical access equipment designed for outdoor use in harsh environmental conditions - including hazardous-area elevators and hoists suitable for NEC and IEC explosive-dust environments.

Features & Options

  • Automatic Landing Calls
  • Over speed Safety Device
  • Fully Assembled Elevator Cab
  • Automatic Rack Lubrication
  • Smooth Starting & Stopping
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Self-Rescue System
  • Designed for Outdoor Use
  • Elevator Safety Features
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Materials
  • Explosion-Proof Options
  • Optional Fire Service Operation
  • Mast & Wall Tie Configurations
  • Landing Door Configuration



Transport platforms are designed to move personnel and material vertically on job sites efficiently and safely. Transport platforms are available in eight platform configurations with varying load capacities and dimensions. With load capacities ranging from 800 lbs. to 4400 lbs. and lifting speeds of 40 feet per minute, our supplied Elevators can accommodate multiple installations where a transport platform is the optimal lifting solution.


  • Over-speed safety device
  • Emergency lowering device
  • Overload protection
  • On board diagnostic system
  • Full capacity load ramps
  • Optional roofing for overhead safety, landing gates, gin pole, installation platforms, lighting and base barrier
  • Meets the current ANSI/ SAIA A92.10 standard